B K Bajoria School, Shillong

At B .K. Bajoria School the curriculum is designed as an interactive, innovative and flexible plan for programs. The aim is to provide the young learners an opportunity to develop self- confidence and life skills needed to survive in this competitive world. The curriculum focuses in the complete mental, social, cognitive, emotional and physical growth of the child. Opportunities are given to the children to learn through their innate curiosity and participate in a wide variety of competitions and events both in school as well as outside.

At the Pre- Primary level we have an innovative approach towards the holistic development of the child giving emphasis on activity based learning and development of motor skills through Montessori based techniques. At the primary wing a lot of emphasis is given on project based learning and group activities. This makes the children appreciate their own skills and strengths and work with their peers, thereby acknowledging their differences and working together to achieve their goals.

The curriculum in the senior school is based as per the CBSE guidelines. A lot of exposure is given to children to participate in multiple inter- class inter- house activities, thus imbibing in them a sense of team spirit and co- operation Visual and well equipped labs give the children opportunity of hands on experience.